Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boats how to

Boats how to, is dedicated to be the one source for all your boating questions. We will offer tips, how to information, books, Cd's and videos. We will have many free articles and videos on current subjects and DIY projects. We will consult the Pros for tips and advise, to take the mystery out of boat repair and maintenance. Work like a professional, with confidence and assurance that your project will be a success.
Each month we will review seasonal projects, new products and watch
for the Pro Tip of the month.
         It's time to send your sails for inspection. The sail lofts are quiet during the off season and have more time to invest in a complete inspection of your sails. Spend a little now and enjoy a trouble free summer of sailing. Regular inspections will extend the life of your sails.
See you soon.